Monday, 28 September 2015

Those we love

From a travel blogging perspective, we haven't had much to write about these past few weeks.  Even our country walks have been limited by rainy weather and a head cold, and outings in the car are pretty much exclusively to the grocery store.  But from a personal perspective, our hearts have been filled up as we have spent time with those we love.

The Captain has reconnected with friends from twenty years ago, and had a marvelous reunion golf tournament, although don't ask about the actual golf.

1989 "Boscombe Bash." It started in 1985 and was each Easter weekend until 2004.
The Captain (back row right) played every year and organized it in the later years.
2015 "Boscombe Bash Reunion." Five of these fine gentlemen are also in the photo above. Any guesses?
(The Captain is second from the right)
We've visited both his sisters and his daughters, including spending a few days with the enchanting Verity, the grandaughter who carries on the family legacy of beautiful curls.

Nat, Verity, and Phil

We had a lovely lunch with the Captain's daughter Amber & his sister Barbara. I was silly enough to not get any pictures of the people, but I can show you the outside of the pub where we ate.

The door at the bottom looks extra low from this angle, but actually you had do go down a few steps to get inside.
The last few days have been spent hearing about great Canadian adventures as the Captain's other sister and her husband arrived back home from their cross-country trip, releaving us of our cat-sitting duties. (I'm pretty sure the grumpy cat was glad to see them return.)

Grebo, 18 years young and fiesty as ever.
On the side of the Crew, I've been reconnecting in a virtual flurry with my own family, on the occasion of my paternal Grandfather's passing.  It was tough to be so far away, but the face to face-through-a-screen magic of Skype made the best of a difficult time. My Grandfather was an adventurer in his own right, you can read more about his life here.

A rare shot of the Crew enjoying coffee by the side of the Middlewich Canal.

This week we shall cross the Atlantic for one more Toronto run, and as the weather turns crisper, we are looking forward to tropical sunsets.  It seems to be the begining of the end of the Wrong Way Tour 2015.

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