Monday, 7 September 2015

In the pink

I was thinking today about things to blog about and other than the fact that we've been to the same grocery store three times this week, there isn't much to say.

We are living a quiet country life right now, with great food, long walks through fields and gardening. (I know, boat life hasn't given me any advantages in a garden, but I am trying.)

The English have no rights as a pedestrian in front of cars, but they do when it comes to farmers' fields. So we've been having fun following the maps and the footpaths and trying to end up where we intend to, which mostly we do. Wildlife sightings have been limited to Peter Rabbit and all his cousins, birds, most of which I can't identify, and cows. The cows come in many varieties, and sometimes we walk right through their fields. Usually this is fine, but the other day a particular herd had horns and seemed extra interested in us. We walked quickly.

This church was unremarkable except for its colour. I am not exactly sure what kind of statement it intended to make, but I am having fun imagining. Or, of course, the paint could have been a donation...

You know, someone who is having blog-worthy fun is the Captain's sister Julia and her husband, Adrian. They are driving from Toronto to Vancouver Island and have just passed my home town of Winnipeg, Manitoba, recording their adventures along the way. Check it out:

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  1. The color of the church is no doubt quiet decent but I havenot seen this type of color on church's wall before. Mostly the walls of the church are painted with white color.