Thursday, 3 September 2015

A few missing things

So some things happened in Vancouver that I didn't get to share with you.  And then you missed out on our trip to Toronto, round two, and now we are in another country entirely, living the English country life, full of tractors and sports cars (the Captain says that football billionaires live in this part of the country) in a village just south of Manchester, United Kingdom.

Fortunately, I've been keeping a photo record of our trip, so here we go:

Series One: thinking about meat, or almost-meat:

Thank-you Tesco's groceries, for providing these to the world.
Oh, the things you can do on Commercial Drive, Vancouver.
Seriously? I've heard of veggie cheese, but this?

Series Two: signs along the way

And when it's not working as a box, it moonlights as a triangle.
Very small sign, on a fence post in Toronto.
Clearly, what I've been praying for.

Series Three: partners in crime, adventure

Kate, hostess-with-the-mostess, being styled in West Elm, Toronto
Corrie, purveyor of free tickets to King West music adventures in Toronto, and intrepid shopper
El Capitano, a long way from his boat, but still rustling up good things to eat from his brother-in-law's garden.

Series Four: moments of bliss along the way

The cute coffee shop patio we stopped in for a break during one of the many Vancouver motorcycle rides.
First round was strawberry shortcakes, (the Captain has found new hobbies to occupy his time,) second round: blueberries and vanilla yogurt breakfast in bed.
Art by my Oma, to be hung in my house as soon as I have a wall.

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