Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Rainy Vancouver?

It's raining here today, the third day of rain we've had during the six weeks we've been here. Lucky for you, because if it was sunny, I would be outside hiking with the Captain instead of writing this post.

We've made a point of getting outside for walks here. Partially because it's beautiful, partially because we were responsible for one of the black furry creatures you can see in the pictures below for a month, and partially because the Captain's been on a pastry kick (poor me) and I would be as wide as I am tall if I didn't move my body. Besides, some walks end at a craft brewery. :)

We have also been lucky to reconnect with my family. Sometimes this has involved hanging pictures at my Grandparents' new place, admiring the extensive collection of artwork my Oma has created in her lifetime. Sometimes this has involved getting "lost" in the woods with my sister and brother-in-law, and being rescued by the Angel responsible for lost car keys.

Most of the time reconnecting includes enormous quantities of really good food, like an extended family turkey dinner in July and a surprise bonus course of ice cream at dinner with my cousin Clara. We've also confirmed the opposite tastes in beer of my Father and the Captain. It has created a new point of discussion, and perhaps a reason to drink more beer?

Anyways, we're not out of time yet. There are still mushrooms to be eaten, motorcycle rides to be had, and perhaps another walk along the seawall. If it stops raining.