Thursday, 7 May 2015

Slower than usual

Alright, let's get the gory bit over with right up front.

The Crew, as you may be aware, has a tremendous appetite and a usually tough stomach, except when, well, when it's not so tough.  Things have been a bit "loose" around here so there has been some sugar water re-hydration solution in order and not a lot going on other than trips from the bed to the head and back again.

The Captain, who has a stomach made of iron, (either that or he eats and digests so quickly the bacteria don't have time to know what they missed) is fine, and has been playing nurse extraordinaire. "I'm sure she did it just to get out of doing dishes," he might have been heard to say.

Now that's over, let me tell you a bit about our adventures going to the mainland.

But first, I want to introduce "Udders of the Island," a video series done by some charming American young men detailing life on Ile à Vache, Haiti. I met their mother several days back. The video linked here is about the recent sailing regatta the locals had on the island. We've been watching these boats go out every day to check lobster pots and fishing nets, and move people and supplies from one place to another. The boats do not have any sort of engine nor a keel, so getting the boat to go anywhere is all up to setting the sails just so.  The Captain and I have been very envious of their skills!

The offending dish that caused all of the upset, was actually eaten at Les Cayes, the town on the mainland which we visited on Monday.  It is very different from Ile à Vache, an urban centre where the poverty of this country is more evident. We were successful in provisioning and getting fuel and drinking water, which was good.  We also ate a yummy chicken and rice dinner, which was not so good for me... (see above).

The trip to the island involved trip via a water taxi, then a hop onto a smaller boat that was punted closer to shore and then a piggy back (!!!!) to a very dirty bank.  This "Udders of the Island" episode captures it very nicely, although the day we went there was a pretty good swell running making it even more exciting!

The wind and seas are still running pretty high, so we plan to stay right where we are for another week or so. Don't worry, we shall be enjoying Prestige Beer and locally prepared cashews.

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