Friday, 15 May 2015

Coming out of our safe haven

We've stayed here in Ile à Vache, Haiti, for so long that we've forgotten what the outside world looks like. Our days here have been a haze of relaxation and easy socializing with other cruisers. Throw in a few visits ashore to check out the last remaining beaches and chatter with the local boys who paddle up to our boat and try to sell us whatever delicacies they have - usually lobster or bananas - and this charming little island has lulled us into a trance-like state. We could stay here forever, and for a few days last week, it felt like we might have to.

The weather window has finally opened, so we take off for Jamaica tomorrow (Saturday) morning.  We expect to reach Port Antonio sometime on Sunday. And from there, it's just a few day-sail hops until we're home in Montego Bay.

The end is near.  I think we're going the right way now.

If you'd like to follow along, we are at: N18 06.259  W73 41.730
Copy the GPS location above, click through to and paste the coordinates in the box in the upper left hand corner.  Push the 'Convert and map' button and you will see where we are. On the upper right hand side is an option to toggle map vs satellite view. 

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