Sunday, 11 January 2015

A pop and a crunch

Yesterday morning was full of promise as the Captain had an invitation to go water skiing. The Crew came along for the boat ride and all was well, until the Captain attempted to get up on one ski. He said he held on too long and then - pop! And oooowwwww.

There went the hamstring.

The first time - up on two skis, but the boat wasn't going fast enough. It was the second attempt that caused the drama.

It was a rough morning, but some drugs, ice, and a Chelsea victory in the football all helped repair him enough to conduct the ultimate new oven test - roast dinner!

As you can see, the oven passed its challenge and we had crispy roast potatoes, stewed vegetables, and a lovely roast chicken. 

The sunset co-operated wonderfully and all was domestic bliss.

Today, the pile of dishes and a Captain with a slight limp are the only remnants of our rollercoaster Saturday.

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  1. Never a dull moment with you two. Our Saturday: We got brain freeze from the windchill on our foreheads. -22.