Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Tales from Tofino

Another post by my guest blogger, D Magnuson-Ford, the Dad of Julia (AKA the Crew). By day he masquerades as fundraiser, a fly fisherman, a motorcycle gang leader and a sometimes blogger. He lives with Chef Heidi in Port Moody BC. Photo credit to Chef Heidi.

So the saga continues with new experiences for all. Did you know that Captain Phil had never seen bear poo in the wild? We went to Tofino, British Columbia, to experience the wind and the waves. Long Beach, Chesterman Beach, Pacific Rim National Park and a trek in the wilderness were on the agenda. Read on Mac Duff…

Captain Phil is a very interesting bloke with an Aussie hat that is full of holes. It might be good for the Caribbean climate but in Tofino it lets out the heat and lets in the wind and the rain. In a word, it is useless.

The Captain starts each day with a cup of tea and launches into breakfasts that are a variation of onions, eggs and toast.

Captain Phil's sea onions!
It is followed by endless cups of tea throughout the day – did I mention that he is from England? In Jamaica his local name is in fact “English”. Apparently he can be summoned by locals at the Yacht Club by shouting “Hey English, can you…?” In fact Julia is known in that island paradise as “Mrs. English”. Julia has been helpful as a translator when he eloquently talks in English about “push chairs” “lorries” and his “mates”. I have taken to considering this visit as a “cross cultural experience with delightful gastric overtones”.  

The journey to the end of the earth – Tofino, BC, to be specific, took us through Cathedral Grove, a small plot of giant, old growth Douglas Fir trees who are 400-800 years old and tower above the forest floor.

The Captain and Crew's new home, inside a tree.
We also visited the PacificRim National Park Interpretive Centre. The signs were in English, French and the native language of the area’s first nations people. Dioramas of sand, sea and shipwrecks were in abundance. Afterwards we all walked on the beaches and marveled at the sea creatures like the jelly fish. 

Just before we left Tofino, the Captain and your guest blogger went for a ride off the beaten path in search of a new fishing spot. We spent an hour driving and another hour walking down a trail. We can confirm Lost Lake is still lost and good sense prevailed. After the second pile of bear poo was sighted on a trail too narrow to accommodate man AND beast, Captain Phil and this blogger agreed to cut the adventure short. The wilderness is beautiful but we are not its only inhabitants.

It has been great to spend time with the Captain and Crew out here on the wild edge of the west coast. Soon it is back to work. Life is good as you can see by the pictures. Enjoy!

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