Monday, 6 October 2014

Magnificent meals and motorcycles

It's official - I am failing in my blogging duties. But never fear, help has appeared! Today's guest blogger is D Magnuson-Ford, the Dad of Julia (AKA the Crew). By day he masquerades as fundraiser, a fly fisherman, a motorcycle gang leader and a sometimes blogger. He lives with Chef Heidi in Port Moody BC. 

Life after the wedding has involved endless relative visits, more motorcycle rides and an on-going cooking match between Captain Phil and Chef Heidi.  I thought he had won the match with salmon en croute - salmon baked inside a flaky pastry. 

Not to be out done, Chef Heidi countered with her cauliflower soup, cedar-planked salmon and pear crumble. Read on Mac Duff…

So right after the party started we got the Crew (AKA Julia) a motorcycle helmet and a motorcycle jacket to get her ready for her new persona: “Motorcycle Mama”. The jacket and helmet fit great but when she was all decked out - she still looked kind of preppy, like a young urban professional. (Also, I'm still not a mama, even with the gear.)

She was safe in her gear but initially not too happy. On the first ride she complained of a sore butt after only 30 minutes of riding. We all learned the old saying is true, “when mama ain’t happy – nobody is happy.” She did adapt and discover perhaps she needed her own motorcycle - one with a soft cushy seat!

The Captain and I rode up the Sea to Sky Highway, although this time we did not stop at our preferred lunching spot, Two Birds Eatery.

Our favorite ride is up the Sunshine Coast with a stop at the Porpoise Bay Lighthouse Pub for lunch. It is just outside Sechelt and looks over Porpoise Bay with its small marina and float plane terminal. 

After a great lunch it was a pedal scraping ride for Captain Phil and Julia. The curves were tight - he leaned, she leaned, and the bike screamed around the corner dragging a peg and sending sparks flying– all at 45 kms/hr. It was great fun and set Captain Phil on a new internet quest for a new motorcycle or two and for lessons for the Crew. They might join us next year as we travel the Oregon coast – stay tuned.

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