Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Just can't get enough


Okay, this guy wasn't on the boat, but he was at least 3 inches long.  And moving faster than you'd expect of a snail.

But we ARE abandoning ship - for a little while anyways.  The great friends and family tour of 2014 starts tomorrow.  So, if you live (or can get to) the following locations when we are there, reach out and let's meet up.

Tour Dates
June 18-30: Toronto, Canada
July 1-11: UK (various locations)
July 12-17: Barcelona, Spain
July 18-August 15: UK (various)
August 15-28: Toronto, Canada
August 29-October 13: Vancouver, Canada
October 14-18: Toronto, Canada
October 19: Back to Montego Bay, Jamaica

Did you know that we have some friends that just can't seem to get enough of us?   Not only did they plan a trip to Jamaica a week before we will see them in Toronto, this is their 3rd trip to Jamaica in the three years I've been living here.  Three cheers for Corrie and Colin!

(See what happens when you come to visit us - you get feted publicly.  Take note and book your plane tickets now.)

Since they've been here before, they knew the best parts of Jamaica and spent most of their time doing this:

and this:

and when you couldn't find them on the beach, they were doing this:

So cheers to Jamaica and our lovely visit with Canadian friends.

Look out - the Captain and Crew will be coming to a place near you (hopefully).  See you soon!

P.S. Credit to Corrie Burrows for the photos.  And to Colin, for the ones Corrie is in.