Friday, 30 May 2014

Chicken curry and lots of leftovers

Would anyone like to come for dinner?  We're having... You guessed it. Again.  The Captain sometimes is taken over by wild fantasies that 20 people are coming for dinner and it is important that no one goes hungry. And then we eat chicken curry until, well, until it ain't pretty no more.

We're back in Montego Bay, Jamaica, after a lovely sail from the Queen's Garden Archipelago in Cuba.  Our sail back was uneventful, and we had a beautiful sunset as we passed through the channel cutting through the reef and taking us out to deep water.

Some other leftovers for you to take note of: I've updated the posts I made along the journey with photographs, so you can click here for our trip over to Cuba, here for the first days in Cienfuegos, here for our trip to Havana, here for the second part in Cienfuegos, and here for the archipelago.  Or just scroll down.

As I was reviewing the photos we took during the trip, I came across a not-so-surprising trend.

Here's the Crew's beverage picture of choice:

And here is the Captain's:

The look on his face is because he was very tired after passage, not because of anything the beer did.
We only drank one of these fabulous fountains, the bar kept running out of beer on tap!

The only beer around when the main brands had "problems at the factory."
Another leftover to share was our visit to the castle in Havana.  There were plenty to choose from, but this one was at the northernmost point and now had a working lighthouse built into its main structure.

The Port Authority man gave us a tour in his office and took our picture looking "official."
What I didn't take a picture of was a giant crane on a barge that we watched remove the remains of the diving platform for the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, which happened a week before we arrived.  Watching the crane work was really cool (although the guy who attached the hoists to the structure wasn't wearing any safety hareness, despite being 2 stories above the ground with a steep drop down to the rocks and ocean only meters to the side, which freaked the Captain out) but we were dissapointed to have missed the cliff divers themselves.  You can see a brief video here of the competition, the diving platform at the castle and some of the dives.

And the last little bit left over is one more tropical sunset for your viewing pleasure.  This was taken as we crossed the reef, leaving the archipelago and heading out to deep water, back to Jamaica.

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