Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Start singing now

Pssst - in case you haven't heard, the Captain had a birthday. (And it was a big one - one with an '0' in it.)

So we had a party of course!

But first, because this is a blog mostly about sailing, let me get one picture out of the way.

On the stalwart Defender, I am furthest to the front, Pim is next, and then you can see the back of Jim's head. Credit: HT
As you can see, the crew is still messing around on boats, and this time we even took first place in one race.  Pim, who crewed that day, and his wife Hanneke, are on S/V Nelly Rose and spent several weeks hanging out in Montego Bay.  You can see their pictures here, including more sailing ones (it helps if you can read Dutch.)

Ok, now that I've gotten that out of my system...

There was a birthday, so of course there had to be a party.  The Captain promised rum and barbequed pork to everyone who came.  And come they did, bringing salads and wine and bread and - well, it is Jamaica after all - more rum.  It was a glorious evening with friends and an excellent celebration.

Party prep & the early birds.
Jim & Carole graciously hosted the party around the pool at Seawinds-on-the-Bay, since it was going to be difficult to fit everyone on the boat.

The Captain examining our dinner.
 The pig went on the bbq at 7:30am and took all day to roast.  Man, was it tasty.

Everything else to eat.

The party food was that perfect mash-up that all potlucks have, dishes that complement each other through the coordination of the universe, with minimal human interruptions. (By the way, if you like the look of that bread, and you live in Montego Bay, you can get some here.)

But of course, the best part of the party was the lovely smiling faces of everyone who came. (BTW, thanks to those who interrupted a Treasure Beach adventure to celebrate with us - you know who you are.)

L-R, Bill (looking left), Bryan, Lyn, Richard, Marta, Jackie, Nick) Credit:EH

L-R, Rachel, Chiny, Evelyn, Nick, Credit: ?

L-R, Pim, Violet, the back of Nigel's head I think, Diane, Credit: EH
L-R Chiny, Jocelyn, Credit: EH

Andrew in front, Hanneke, Peter & Jim in back, Credit: EH

L-R, Mandy, Evelyn, me, Julie, Credit: JW
Thanks for having such a great excuse for a party, Captain!

Yay cake!

P.S. Photo credits go to HT - Hanneke Tiddens, EH - Evelyn Harrington, JW - Jim Wilson on Evelyn's camera, and "?" - someone with Evelyn's camera but not her since she is in the picture.

P.P.S. Diva travel notes: Still planning to head to Cuba in early May for 3 weeks or so.  The new engine mounts are in the hands of a courier, traveling from Kingston, Jamaica to Montego Bay TODAY, so fingers crossed, we'll be off the dock by next week!

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