Monday, 10 March 2014

Peguins & seals

While lying in bed one morning conducting our tour of the Caribbean wilderness, the Captain and I realized an urgent need for a new charitable cause. These precious animals, the reticent penguins of the Caribbean, were disappearing and we were just the people to help. So voila - "Save the Caribbean Penguins" became our most pressing concern. If you feel moved to donate to support the future of these remarkable creatures, please send funds to the Captain & Crew, on Diva. We will use these donations on beer to protect this important species.

The Caribbean Penguin is an elusive species, rarely seen in the wild. This is one of the only photographs.

At a recent meeting of the board of "Save the Caribbean Penguins," the Captain and I realized that alongside the penguins of the Caribbean, the Hydraulic Seals are also threatened. Like the penguins, the seals are also scarce in the Caribbean, you hardly ever hear them barking like the Pacific Seals. We looked for them in their usual habitats of the hydraulic back stay tensioner and the linear drive for our autopilot and the seals were either missing or badly damaged. This is an URGENT plea for help: if you feel so moved to donate to protect these precious animals, please send all funds to Captain & Crew on Diva, Caribbean Sea.

JCB hydraulic seal kit, as found online, not yet photographed by the Diva wildlife team

See what you are missing in Jamaica? Instead of still being cold and cursing the winter that just won't end, you could be part of the team, we are looking for someone to clean the head, re-varnish the woodwork, and do the dishes develop an integrated communications and marketing strategy for Save the Caribbean Penguins & develop our new campaign to Protect the Hydraulic Seals. It could be you...

On a different note, if I had been born a day earlier, I might be as cool as Susie Wolff, the first female Formula One driver in almost 30 years.  I totally agree with her when she says, 'Actually, you just don’t know what life is going to throw at you, so do what you love doing.’ Drive fast Susie!

P.S. Captain's Log: Diva is still in Jamaica and the next port of call is expected to be in Cuba, sometime in May.