Thursday, 2 January 2014

Television specials

I thought I would take the time over the holidays to upload some videos I took with my camera over the last eight months.  It took much, much longer than I expected to upload the files, so you are getting this post after the holidays.  For those of you returning to work today, let it be something to watch when you are still in the holiday mood and don't really feel like doing anything.

At our first stop in the Rosario Islands, we made friends with Drooley.  She hung out with us for four days and got lots of cuddles.  (Click the title of the video to read the original post.)

Drooley the boat cat:

Diva had dolphins come and play in the bow wake on several occasions in 2013.  Every time it was awesome.  This might make you dizzy, but we were traveling at about 5 knots, and the dolphins were going faster.
Dolphins on the bow:

We were deep in the archipelago of the Kuna Yala when we acquired George.  He lived in the shade under the boat, and came out to eat scraps of food that we chucked overboard. It wasn't until we had an email via the satellite phone from the Captain's sister in the UK that we realized that the royal baby George had been born the same week.

George the Dogfish:

On Red Frog Island in the Bocas del Toro archipelago we saw lots of wildlife.  Pelicans on the beach are always a favourite, since they are very dramatic as they dive into the water.  This was a whole flock of them, and we figured out why they were there as we watched waves crash into the beach and we could actually see fish silhouetted in the blue rolls of water!

Pelicans at Red Frog Beach:

On Red Frog Beach we were lazily exploring, drinking beer and wandering up whatever paths we could find.  We saw these fellows, much more industrious than us, and were quite amazed at the speed and drive with which they worked.

Leaf-cutter ants at Red Frog Island:

In Providencia, it felt like we were stepping back in time, since the island's tiny size and isolation had somehow left it out of the development game.  One evening we were entertained by a local music group, and also by the man in the video below, who was Spanish, but now living in South Africa, although he also seemed to spend a fair amount of his time on a boat in Providencia.  He was an excellent storyteller, exacting audience participation even from us, the resistant crowd. The instrument he is playing is the stalk of a papaya plant, cut only on an angle at the top.  According to him, it is most likely the predecessor of the modern flute.

The Musician in Providencia:

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