Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Livin' it up (and spending all our money) in Bocas

We have been in Bocas del Toro for almost a week now.  The boat is in a marina, paid up for a month, and has once again become a home that doesn't roll about, threaten to relocate itself in the middle of the night, or transport us from one magical place to another.

The benefits of marina life:
  • No rolling, bouncing, swinging in the wind, rocking or any other boat movement.  The first night I woke up and wondered if I was still on the boat.
  • Access to beverages beyond beer (but don't worry, we haven't given it up yet) just by walking down the dock.  We can get a mean hamburger too.
  • Unlimited water and electricity - even hot showers!  (Why I want this in the tropics is kinda beyond me, but sometimes I turn it on just a little bit, because I can...)
  • Wifi - yay!
  • New marina friends, including those of the canine persuasion.
  • Security that the boat will be ok while we leave her and go have some land adventures (more on that soon).
The disadvantages of marina life:
  • Our view has become distinctly less spectacular, particularly since our last stop before arriving in Bocas was the remote island of Escudo de Veragus - pictures below.
  •  Limited breeze.  This is a very sheltered spot, good for the boats, a bit hot for the humans.
  • Bugs! See above - a good spot for boats AND bugs, not so good for me.
  • $$$$ - Not only do we have to "pay to park" so to speak, but the access to the marina amenities and the short jaunt in the dingy over to the town means that we are going through our bank account way faster then Diva on a calm sea with a nice breeze and a clean bottom!

The beautiful, isolated island of Escudo de Veragus

The Captain and likkle boat in a sortof beach cave, carved out of the soft rock by the crashing waves.

On the east end of the island.

On the west end of the island

A tiny sea turtle, who was being pushed back to the beach by the waves.  We tried to take him out beyond the surf, but I'm not sure he made it.  This end of Panama is supposedly a very important sea turtle nesting ground.

Tony (on the left) and Anne (on the right), who we followed to Bocas.  They arrived a few days before us, but fortunately saw us just as we arrived in the bay and helped us get a spot in the marina.

Bocas town, from the balcony of the dive/surf shop with a cafe where we had our first Bocas' breakfast.

Chili!  On Sunday there was a community chili cook-off.  For $3, you could sample chili from 14 different stations, and vote for your favourite.  I only made it to 6, but Phil did them all, some twice for extra re-consideration.

The chili cook-off tents on the beach.  Just what everyone wants on a hot day on the beach - chili?!?

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