Friday, 12 July 2013

Rainforest green

I know that for weeks now, the main colour on my blog has been blue, blue like the ocean and the sky blue - azul in spanish if you’d like. Well, today’s edition is brought to you by the colour green (and the numbers 4 and letters J and P).

We were standing there chatting, well, asking questions of the monkey man, (the monkey was climbing up and down his arm and onto the bar which we were leaning on, soooooo cute!) and then the monkey man asked if we’d been to see the waterfall yet.  “Waterfall?” we said in surprise.  And the next day’s adventure was set. 

We walked to the waterfall in about 15 minutes, on a well marked trail.  I made the Captain go first, so he could watch for snakes (Colombia has some exciting ones).  Fortuantely, we didn’t see any snakes, or armed bandits, (also infamous in Colombian jungles) just some ab-so-lut-ly beautiful butterflies.  There were big black ones with light blue on their wings and some littler ones that had fuscha on the tops but when they folded them up they looked just like an ugly brown leaf - which was the point, I think. The waterfall was not too big and you could tell the water was low right now, but there was just enough room at the top to stand under it like a shower. It was the nicest shower I’ve had in a while!

When we’d splashed around enough, we decided to continue down the path and walk to the next town over, Carpugana. It was an hour and a half up and over a mountain ridge.  Our wildlife sightings were limited to some good sized lizards and crabs, and a couple of cows as we came down into the valley on the other side.

The town is a bigger than Sapzurro, with several nice looking hostels and hotels and even an airstrip.  We found a lovely tourist bar and had a great piece of fried fish for lunch.  Then the owner of the bar, who spoke a bit of english, helped us negotiate a boat ride back to Sapzurro, less then 15 minutes to get back home! 

I have to say, the green jungle was really refreshing, but I prefer the ocean blue.

Pictures of the adventure below:

The valley, looking away from the waterfall.

Enjoying a refreshing fresh water shower.

From up on the ridge, looking back to the bay where we'd come from.
Carpurgana docks

In the bar where we had lunch, there was a fishing net strung up over the ceiling with all these shells tied on.  When a breeze blew, it made a lovely tinkling noise.

The Captain with his post-hike beer.
Our boat ride back to Sapzurro.  Oh, it was fun to be in a boat and let someone else do all the work!

Looking back at the coast - see what we just hiked over!

Captain Tapioca - okay, I don't know his name, but the boat we rode in was called Tapioca, so...

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  1. Ah. The adventures never stop. We went to Toronto Island this weekend. made us remember our rainy day beach party there. Looking good guys. Be safe,