Sunday, 28 July 2013

Notes from the islands

Remember that a couple of weeks ago I told you about our temporary boat cat? Well, for several days this week we had a boat dogfish! His name was George, and he liked to hang out under the boat in the shade and dart out when we threw scraps of food over the side to see if anything is good to eat. He was only about 2 feet long and looked like the little shark he is, with a pointy tail that swishes back and forth just like he was happy to see us. He preferred post-dinner scraps like chicken, but wasn't so keen on limes. I have a great video of him coming out to eat leftover octopus that we threw over (the Captain cooked it and it had great flavour, but was a bit chewy) and will post it asap.

On another note, our swimming prospects have improved. A couple a days ago we explored our Snug Harbour anchorage by dingy and found several islands with little sandy beaches where we stopped and went for a nice swim. We also visited a Kuna Hotel a couple islands over, which looked lovely, but had much of the same view we did. You can check out their website for pictures at

Today we are anchored at Rio Diablo, a popular spot for re-provisioning and where we are also getting some laundry done. Tomorrow we are going to a little island nearby that is reputed to have a potable water tap with a hose on a dock, which is a rare thing here. Usually we have to have to fill jugs and dump them into the tank ourselves. (And they are 5 litre jugs and the tank holds 300 L so it takes a while.)

I hope you are enjoying the summer sun where you are - we've had a lot of cloud cover here. It was surprising to me, being the Caribbean, but I am coming to understand this is Panama in the rainy season. Still, no snow!

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  1. hey Julia,
    Something made me wonder about you the other day, and if you were still in Jamaica. Sounds like you are off an another exciting adventure! wow... hope the swimming prospects continue to be good!