Thursday, 6 June 2013

Deep Blue Sea

Hello from the Caribbean Sea! We are enjoying a balmy day out on the waves. All is well in our journey so far. The first few days out at sea were coupled with fairly big waves and a strong wind, so I turned green. Fortunately, the treatment for sea sickness and a bad back is about the same, lots of rest lying flat on your back. I only missed one shift on watch, and Captain Phil and Nigel did an admiral job of keeping us afloat and heading in the right direction. Now my seasickness has passed and my back is feeling much better.

The last couple of days have seen calmer seas and lighter wind, with hardly any rain. We've all been enjoying the stars at night, although last night I mistook the sliver of the moon coming up with a ship on the horizon and it took me a few moments to figure out why nothing was showing up on the computer charts!

I was thinking about if I could send pictures, what I would include, and there isn't actually a lot you are missing out on. Lots of sea and sky, lots of boat parts, but we are all kinda grubby and wouldn't want to be in photos anyways. I think this journey is best accompanied with lots of rushing water sounds and wave after wave passing by.

We expect to arrive in Cartagena, Colombia tomorrow sometime.

P.S. We saw dolphins swimming by the side of the boat, zooming through the phosphorescent water last night!

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  1. Julia we are very excited to follow your progress are you going to share your Spot location in case we get to come and visit. Regards to Captain and first mate and the bottle washer (nigel) :)