Thursday, 2 May 2013

Swarf dwarfs, dirty heads and pointy sharp things

Last post I wrote that I would update you all on our next destination for the boat.  Well, I still don't know too much about it, except that it is currently Cartagena, Columbia, and that we are aiming to leave Jamaica near the end of May.  Will post more once we figure it out.

However, what I can tell you about today is the fascinating world of boat chores.  We have been preparing the boat for our 'grand voyage,' but somethings got sped up because we are also sailing to Negril (west coast of Jamaica) this weekend with another couple on board our boat, in convoy with some other boats from the Yacht Club ( To imagine our boats going down to Negril think Spanish Armada - ok, the Spanish Armada with three boats.)

So, as one does when one has company arriving, I cleaned the head today. (That's the boat bathroom for those of you not up on your boat speak.) And, as I was scrubbing away in my underwear, (too hot for clothes) I realized that the brush I was using for the floor was the same brush I'd used a couple of days ago to clean the anchor chain, when we'd pulled it out of the muck and came back to the Captain's mooring. I couldn't decide which was more disgusting - the yuckiness from the head, or the yuckiness from the bottom of the ocean - fish waste or human waste? Don't even get me started on cross-contamination...

On a related note, I had to wait to clean the head until the Captain had installed our new triple clutch!

The clutch allows us to take out and put away the main sail from the cockpit.
This was because: a) I am also assistant engineer and had to hold the screwdriver a couple of times; and b) the clutch was installed just above the head and required drilling through the ceiling.  We decided that cleaning after the drilling was done was a smarter move.

Speaking of drilling, there have been some minor battles for space between the drill projects and the knitting projects.  They do not play well together, even though they both are sharp and pointy. Maybe because they are both sharp and pointy?  I finally relocated the knitting project to the back cabin, where there is no drilling going on. ("Yet!" says the Captain, with a threatening grin on his face.) 

Other chore details of note: yesterday meals were cooked around the oil pump hanging out in the galley (boat speak for kitchen).  Who knew you could make pancakes and change engine oil at the same time?  And your word for the day: "swarf."  No, not Jamaican patois, but english for the shavings that come from drilling holes in metal. A useful tip - aluminum swarf just sticks to the bottom of your foot, stainless steal swarf gets in like a splinter and tries to work its way to your heart and kill you.

Last chore note: I am also Chief Pineapple-Cutter.  Behold my masterpiece.
So, just in case you started feeling sorry for me back there, here are some beach pictures from last weekend to cheer you up!
We went to a not-so-busy beach, but ended up with a crowd of kids that wanted to play with the one we brought.
Our crowd also included several dogs that belonged to the owners of the resort and made us theirs for the day.
The crowd included this VERY sweet puppy.

Me and the Captain, chillin'
Our friend Jeff, the blond kid belonged to the resort, and Jeff's daughter Alexis is hiding behind the pink lei.

A shot of the Captain.  (I'm aspiring to get as good as my sister is at portraits - thoughts Erika?)

Blended mixed fruit juice with a hibiscus from the garden, and yes, a little rum too.

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  1. Julia to get a good portrait you need a good subject.