Friday, 22 March 2013

Snowflakes & chickens - surviving the north

So as you can see, some things have changed around here.  I have completed my posting with Cuso International, and am embarking on week three of a seven week "friends and family" tour in Canada and the UK.

I was most dissappointed to arrive in Toronto to find snow on the ground. Between that and several trips to the dentist, I started to feel some serious tropical withdrawl syptoms.

Fortunately, there were good friends on hand who helped ease the transition, providing place(s) to stay and willing cake-eating companions, along with other fabulous meals and company.

Ann and Corrie - the orange one wasn't nearly as good as it looked.
 There was also a bit of quiet contemplation on whether I am coming or going and exactly where "home" is now.  I tested several coffee shops during this pursuit and am releaved to say that Toronto still has awesome places to people-watch and eat baked goods. (There aren't a lot of desserts in Jamaica, in case you can't tell.)

On Roncesvalles, in my old 'hood.
When I arrived in UK, it snowed some more as we came out of the airport.  There was a consolation prize from Captain Phil though, just for showing up.

Although I am officially staying in Bath, England, I've been toured around the country, almost all the way up to Manchester and across into Wales.

Wales did manage to provide us with sunshine and some flowers trying valiantly for spring.
We were in Wales to sort through Phil's Dad's place, and we cleared everything out and set up for a garage sale on Saturday and Sunday. Our first visitor was earlier than expected, had a good look around, but didn't buy anything.

I've also enjoyed long walks on the beach, oops, I mean around the country.  The scenery is certainly different from both Canada and Jamaica.

In the town of Montegomery, just inside the Welsh border.

The canal off the river Avon, which runs through Bath.

Near the Bath City Centre
A few more of Captain Phil's friends and family to visit here, and then back to Canada on Sunday.

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