Friday, 1 February 2013

One month to go

I have been in denial for some time now, but it appears that I only have one month left of my Cuso adventure whether I like it or not.  On March 1st, exactly four weeks from today, I will get on a plane and return to Canada.  Oh, I am starting to anticipate the pain of pulling up all the roots I've put down in this place!

So, a list of pros & cons about the end of the Cuso/Montego Bay story...

Some of the things I will leave behind and will miss a lot:
  • My place: a restful, cool and very hospitable little apartment that has stood me (and a lot of houseguests) well.  I will miss hearing the wind blow through the palm trees and seeing the Doctor Bird feed from the bushes off my patio
  • The Yacht Club: a noisy, opinionated, very welcoming community of sailors and their friends. I will miss the Sunday morning racing on J22s and the crazy stories of what it was like in the "good ol' days" shared over Friday night Red Stripes.
  • The Jamaicans, of course!  Their culture is amazingly unique for a population smaller than that of the city of Toronto. This week I was in the grocery store and there were a lot of staff out re-stocking the shelves.  I passed, not one, not two, but at least three staff in various locations singing out loud unabashedly along with the music playing throughout the store.  Never see that at home!
  • Working in development with Cuso International.  It is painfully slow, tediously consensus-based, and mind-numbingly inefficient, but it does make a difference.  And I feel privileged to be part of the process of people and communities exploring new ways to live - ways free from pain, fear, and violence, amongst other things. 

Some of the things that I am looking forward too and that make me excited:
  • Family and friends: yay!  What can I say?  I am looking forward to all the hugs and greetings and updates and meals shared - see you soon.
  • Stuff: bring on the consumer choice!  Specifically books (in paper, not digital), clothing, and all the cool gadgets in Mountain Equipment Co-op
  • Freedom to move: public transportation available 24/7, access to a vehicle to get from one place to another, the ability to go for a walk and not melt in the heat (or be looking over my shoulder.)
  • Food: Mexican food, sushi, smoked salmon, crusty bread, fancy cheese, mushrooms, blackberries from my parents' freezer - should I continue?

Some of the things I am bringing with me: Captain Phil (we are embarking on the grand "friends and family" tour of Canada and the UK), a good tan (for a few weeks, anyways), and a whole 18 months of adventures and experiences.

But it will be my head that will be the most crowded; I have surprisingly little stuff to pack.

Okay, don't hold me to the last part in three and a half weeks when I have to put it all in a suitcase...

Also leaving behind my camera (lost on the bus to Kingston.) But will get to see Corrie (in this shot.) But will miss Jamaica's beautiful scenery (YS River behind her). Oh dear, it's going to be a tough month...


  1. I'm sure it's bittersweet for you, but we're excited to have you back!

  2. I can't believe how fast it all went by. It just seems like yesterday I watched your neighbors pick through your house hold treasures we left out on the curb when prepping you to be on your way. Waiting to welcome you home Julia.