Friday, 22 February 2013

Limes from the tree & fresh fish from the sea

I'm now into my last week with Cuso International in Montego Bay, a very bittersweet time.

Naturally, I've been soaking up all the best bits of Jamaica that I can.  Yesterday Captain Phil was able to score a Bonito from the fisherman coming back to the dock, which is very similar to tuna.  So we had an excellent treat of fish seasoned with limes off the tree, roasted pumpkin and sweat potato, and tomatoes with basil from the pot on the balcony.  Nataleah, my neighbour and fellow volunteer, joined us and brought a cooked grain.  It was a lovely meal.

Other than that, life is busy wrapping up all of the work-related pieces, packing up my apartment, and thinking about the next set of adventures, the grand "friends and family" tour. Will post some more once I get through the hump!

Here are some pictures of the racing boats that came in as part of the Pineapple Cup Race, which I mentioned in my last post, along with some other miscellany.

Masts of a 72 footer and 80 footer.

Racing boats are built flat and open, like a sled, for the aerodynamic advantages. But it does mean you get really wet and you have to hang on!

All of the boats were American.

This was "Dragon,"as you can see.
The big ones, at the end of the dock.

All of the sailing gear, hung out to dry - there were 10 racing boats on the dock, and boy, was it smelly right after all the sailors arrived!

And in other news, here are some random pictures taken around the Yacht Club.

These are almond trees. Seasonally, the leaves turn red and fall off, but green new ones are always right behind.

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