Monday, 24 December 2012

Wishing you were here

Happy Merry Christmas Eve and other holidays from me and the Christmas gecko.  Yes, he made his annual appearance this year, leaping wildly out of the fake Christmas tree as I moved it from behind the couch to in front of the couch (I have a shortage of storage space). He wished everyone the best for the holidays and ran back under the couch.

Today is just a post of a few photos taken along the way.  Wishing you a warm Christmas (although probably not as warm as me) and, dare I say it, enjoy a snowflake or two for me.

I may not have a live Christmas tree, but the poinsettias are bigger than I am!

Corrie and Colin came to visit this month - so lovely to host them again.

Doctor's Cave beach, and the derelict hotel with the best view in town,

It was an end-of-visit feast, with marinated steak and roast vegetables and potatoes.
This picture is from earlier in the year, but most of this crew sailed in the Jammin' International Regatta this month and we placed 4th out of 11 boats - we were very proud! (missing are Lauren and Nigel)

Nat, my fellow Cuso Mobay-er, came sailing on Diva and took some stunning shots, like this one looking back at the city.

I really am helming, you just can't see the wheel.

Look up!

The sky was on fire, I swear.
Just another day in paradise...

Thinking of family and friends at home (wherever that might be). Sending best wishes your way.

Photo credits: 1. me, 2. me, 3. Corrie, 4. Nataleah Hunter-Young, 5. Evelyn Harrington, 6-8. Nataleah, 9. me

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