Sunday, 28 October 2012

How to avoid a hurricane, or Canada Part 2

Hurricane Sandy crossed Jamaica earlier this week, and I was sitting cozily in Toronto. Now Toronto has heavy rains predicted for all this week, partly due to Sandy's expected travels up the east coast of the US and inland to Eastern Canada, and I am heading back to Montego Bay today, avoiding her once again.

It was a lovely trip, all in all.  It was full, full, full of family, friends and food. Thanks so much to everyone that hosted me, ate with me, or endured one of my many shopping trips.  It is time to leave, before I spend every last penny!

Sibling shots in Muskoka. There were no mysterious deaths at the cottage, and we are all still speaking to each other.  One might say that we even had fun!

A view of the cottage in Muskoka.  The fall colours were stunning and the weather was largely cooperative.

Toronto wasn't doing too bad for colours either.
I even found a few moments between shopping trips to finish the karmic balancing socks. Karla, they are on their way too you now. (I also got more yarn of all kinds, much to the long-suffering of Karen and Erika who were dragged into the yarn shop under duress.)

There was a visit to my storage locker - everything is safe and sound.  And yes, I did give my bike a little reassuring pet or too.
There was chillin' with friends like Corrie and Ann.

There were also two full Thai food dinners, which with Kate and Scott, is a tradition that goes back years and years.  Thanks guys!
But I have spent all my money, walked lots around the city and just made merry well beyond the usual capacity of my internal organs, so it must be time to go home.

Next post coming from sunny (and warm) Montego Bay!

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