Sunday, 28 October 2012

How to avoid a hurricane, or Canada Part 2

Hurricane Sandy crossed Jamaica earlier this week, and I was sitting cozily in Toronto. Now Toronto has heavy rains predicted for all this week, partly due to Sandy's expected travels up the east coast of the US and inland to Eastern Canada, and I am heading back to Montego Bay today, avoiding her once again.

It was a lovely trip, all in all.  It was full, full, full of family, friends and food. Thanks so much to everyone that hosted me, ate with me, or endured one of my many shopping trips.  It is time to leave, before I spend every last penny!

Sibling shots in Muskoka. There were no mysterious deaths at the cottage, and we are all still speaking to each other.  One might say that we even had fun!

A view of the cottage in Muskoka.  The fall colours were stunning and the weather was largely cooperative.

Toronto wasn't doing too bad for colours either.
I even found a few moments between shopping trips to finish the karmic balancing socks. Karla, they are on their way too you now. (I also got more yarn of all kinds, much to the long-suffering of Karen and Erika who were dragged into the yarn shop under duress.)

There was a visit to my storage locker - everything is safe and sound.  And yes, I did give my bike a little reassuring pet or too.
There was chillin' with friends like Corrie and Ann.

There were also two full Thai food dinners, which with Kate and Scott, is a tradition that goes back years and years.  Thanks guys!
But I have spent all my money, walked lots around the city and just made merry well beyond the usual capacity of my internal organs, so it must be time to go home.

Next post coming from sunny (and warm) Montego Bay!

Friday, 19 October 2012

What $100 will buy, or Canada Part 1

I am spending two weeks with friends and family in Ontario and am just about at the halfway point of my time here.  It is chilly in Canada, but the fall colours are spectacular (pics below).  I've caught up with old friends, spent copious amounts of time with my sisters, and eaten and drank WAY too much.  Oh, but it's been fun!

2 hundred dollar bills - but one with 1% of the value of the other.  Too bad I can't use my Jamaican money to buy things in Toronto!

I stayed the first weekend at the Burrows's, and on Sunday we had a fabulous feast with old friends. Nathan made strawberry custard pies and they were very yummy.

Corrie and I in our matching sweaters.
Good ol' Toronto public transit, how I've missed you...

Waiting at the streetcar stop with my siblings, after a successful day of wedding dress shopping (for Karen, who's on the right), yarn shopping (for me, who's taking the picture), and eating noodles, coffee, and cake. We looked in lots of shoe store windows (for Erika, on the left; Karen and I ogled  too), but we managed to contain ourselves.

I am writing this post from Bracebridge, Ontario, deep in the heart of cottage country. Karen, Erika and I, along with Pat, Karen's fiance, are staying at his parents' cottage for a couple of days.
The cottage is on an island in Lake Rosseau. If the sibling "togetherness time" gets too intense, it may turn into an Agatha Christie mystery.  I didn't do it, I swear!

Pat and Karen, enjoying the nice weather for our boat ride into town today.  We ate all the cookies, so we need to do some shopping.  Besides that, Pat and I are getting shaky from internet withdrawal...

Me and Erika, squinting into the sun and wind.
Just a glimpse of the fall colours for you.  The leaves are really spectacular right now.  It is Canadian splendor in all it's glory.
Next week is full of brunches, lunches, and drinks with everyone else I know in Toronto.  I may need to run around the block once or twice to keep warm and to burn some of the yummy food off!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Wildlife of Jamaica

While I was looking back through the pictures on my camera, I realized that I had quite a collection of wildlife shots.  No one said they were going to make National Geographic, but I thought I'd share some with you.

This bad boy was taking himself for a brisk walk down the road, bleating all the way.  Perhaps he knew that curried goat is a favourite dish here.

Looking carefully, you can just see the spotted stingray that went past the boat.  They really do "fly" through the water.  He must have been about 2 feet wide, but with a much longer tail.

This is my resident Doctor Bird.  He molted his tail feathers a month ago, and they are growing back now.

This guy landed on the wall outside, and was probably 4-5 inches wide.  You can see he's a lucky one, as he got away with only a bit out of his tail!
Last, as total non sequitur, see below for my latest pie creation - Banoffee pie, or Banana-toffee pie.  You don't even wanna know what went in there. Next project is a pumpkin pie in honour of Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend.