Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Roots and wings

Happy Emancipation Day! Celebrated here in Jamaica, it is the first of two holidays in quick succession, and this weekend is full of events and activities. Monday, August 6th, is Independence Day and this year Jamaica is celebrating 50 years of independence from British reign. There are green, yellow and black streamers everywhere!

This tree is well over 50 years old.  Note the beer  bottle on the rail at the bottom left for a sense of scale.
To mark the holiday, and because I am in the last month of my 1 year contract with Cuso International, I am inviting you to support Cuso's work in Jamaica and around the world by making a donation here. I am more than 50% of the way to achieving my goal of raising $2000 and I need your help. Remember, every dollar you give is matched by the Canadian International Development Agency.

And, to steal from a fellow blogger whom I admire, I will be giving away a karmic balancing gift. For everyone who donates between now and August 22, 2012, (the date in which I arrived in Jamaica a year ago, also my sister's birthday,) they will be eligible to win a pair of hand knitted socks, made by yours truly to their specifications. I have a pretty good range of colours and patterns to suit anyone. So please click here to make a donation of any size, and you will be included in the karmic balancing draw for a lovely pair of Jamaican knit socks!

PS. The adventures are not over yet – I will be posting more details soon.
PPS.   Here is the current sock project - these could be yours...

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