Wednesday, 22 August 2012

One entire year

On this day one year ago I stepped off the plane in Jamaica.  It was momentarily disappointing, because the flight was shorter than my usual Toronto-Vancouver flight, so it felt like I hadn't gone very far, and because the temperature was basically the same as it was in Toronto. But pretty quickly it became apparent that I wasn't in Kansas anymore...

Reflecting back on my year, it seems amazing how much I've learned. I now have a whole life here in Montego Bay, totally different than the one I left behind, but it still includes good friends, good food, and the occasional adventure. And here's to the next 6 months of life in Jamaica!

P.S. Thanks again to everyone who made a donation to Cuso International on my behalf. The results of the karmic balancing sock draw(er) will be up soon.
P.P.S I had avocado picked right off the tree the other day.  I picked one myself, but it wasn't ripe.  You don't learn how to tell which ones are ready when you are used to getting your avocado from the grocery store...

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  1. Julia, congratulations on a year well spent! It's been a year rich in giving, learning, adapting, exploring and so much more. We hope that the next 6 months will be as rich. All our and dad