Monday, 20 August 2012

Feeling good inside and out

Reason #5 to support Cuso International - that warm fuzzy feeling you get from being part of something big!

Thanks so much to everyone who made a contribution to Cuso International on my behalf and helped me reach and surpass my fundraising target. I feel great, and I hope you do too.

(Special thanks to my Dad, whose skills and efforts were much appreciated; not everyone get expert fundraising advice on their side.)

We are now in the middle of hurricane season here in the Caribbean, which runs from June to the end of November.  You can watch the progression of tropical depressions, storms and hurricanes at the National Hurricane Center. I find it interesting to follow the patterns of the storms, starting off the coast of Africa, moving west into the Caribbean, or north-west towards Florida, and then north and east again across the Atlantic.

Here in Montego Bay we've had some heavy rains in the afternoon the last few days, which have thwarted my plans to go to the beach.  On Saturday I was so hot and disappointed when the clouds started to roll over the hills (I already had my swimsuit on) that I decided to sit on the deck of the boat while it rained.  Not quite like a swim, but I finally cooled down.

tropical showers

over by the beach (the far left of the picture) it was still sunny, but not for long...

P.S.  Wednesday is my 1 year anniversary of being in Jamaica.  There is still time to get your name in the sock-draw(er) by making a donation to Cuso International. One more round of applause for everyone who has already contributed!

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