Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Cold in Canada

Back in Jamaica yesterday after a week spent in Canada, celebrating my father's milestone birthday. It included lots and lots of family time, with a short layover in Toronto to see friends and my pseudo-families there.  I spent a lot of time being cold and wet and am exceedingly glad to be warm again!
Me chilly as usual - in front of Burrard Bridge in Vancouver - we were having the obligatory Granville Island tour.

Downtown Vancouver - it's not always that grey, but mostly...
My lunch from Granville Public Market

My sister, Erika, who took many of the pictures on this blog, including shots 1, 2, and 4 above.

 My Dad bought himself a birthday present of a new motorcycle, which has just a little "omff".  Both my parents ride and enjoy touring around the lower mainland, Vancouver Island, and even down to Arizona and back.  However, this bike is apparently just for trips to the coffee shop!

Apparently I can't use the crop function properly in my photo editor, but you get the idea...
 On Saturday a big birthday party was planned.  What my Dad didn't know was that his parents and 4 sisters and 3 of their spouses were going to show up.  It's had to keep a secret from my Dad, but you can see from his expression that he really was surprised to see everyone there when he walked through the door. We even had a laptop on the kitchen table where his brother was "present" via Skype.

My Mom was in on the surprise, but even she wasn't sure if he had suspected anything until this moment.
The party had a 60s theme, so my aunts all wore matching embroidered shirts that my Grandmother had made them way back when.
Can you feel the heat?  Good times were had by all.
Other than copious amounts of family bonding, I spent some time shopping and a lot of time eating.  We also did a little bit of enjoying Vancouver and surroundings. It is a different kind of beautiful than the tropics, but no denying it, Vancouver is stunning.

Boats at Deep Cove

Donuts at Deep Cove - no, I didn't eat them all by myself!
Thanks to my sister for the pictures - all of the birthday party shots and the three at the beginning.  She is a great photographer and posts lots of her images on her blog: Digital Echo.

Lovely to see so many of you, friends and family!  Do come visit if you get a chance...


  1. It was lovely to see you too! I'm going to be better about keeping in touch, I promise!

  2. Great blog!! Good shots (yours and mine!)! Glad you're warm in Jamaica. I'm dry in Winnipeg. Mum and Dad are still cold and wet in Vancouver. :P

  3. Oh Julia how i miss my "adopted" family! Great pics! brought tears to my eyes how much you all mean to me and how much i miss u and your family! How much longer are you on your jamaican adventure? Things are great here! Alex moved in... ooooh... and it is wonderful! We are going to Italy, Greece and Turkey in August for a well deserved vacation. Yes i am still working all my jobs and thinking of taking massage therapy next year via correspondance. I have to keep learning! Hopefully taking my athletic therapy exam for the last time this june... Love your blog, keep on keeping on. Lots of love xxxooo candace

    1. Hey Candacity - lovely to hear from you as well! Glad you're doing so well, my fingers are crossed for the june exam. And, have a FABULOUS time on your trip. Miss you too.