Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Trivia and trivial

Nine interesting facts about Jamaica (courtesy of My Island

  1. Apart from the United States, Jamaica has won the most world and Olympic medals
  2. Jamaica stands strong in 3rd place on the list of countries to win the Miss World titles the most. The only countries to have won it more than Jamaica is India, Venezuela and the UK, but consider the size of Jamaica and you get a better perspective!
  3. Jamaica has more multiple (two or more) live births than anywhere else in the world.
  4. The Manchester Golf Club in Jamaica, established in 1868, is the oldest in the western hemisphere.
  5. The 'Doctor Bird (Trochilus polytmus) -a national symbol of the country- lives only in Jamaica.
  6. 2006-2007: World's fastest man and woman in the world were Jamaicans [Asafa Powell and Sherone Simpson].
  7. Jamaica has the second largest butterfly in the world: the Giant Swallowtail.
  8. Jamaica was the first tropical country to enter the IOC Winter Olympics. The bobsleigh team's efforts inspired the film ‘Cool Runnings’.
  9. Jamaica was the first British colonial territory to establish a postal service (in 1688). 

Interesting facts about Julia:
  1. Julia sailed on Sunday and we won all three races.
  2. Julia has been in Jamaica for more than 6 months now.
  3. Julia acquired a basil and a cilantro plant and is looking forward to a more successful venture in growing her own herbs than the last time she tried it (which was in a north-facing apartment, not a tropical climate).
  4. Julia is looking forward to having house guests from Canada next week - welcome Corrie and Colin!

ummm, so it hasn't been the most riveting week, as you can see. Promise the next post will be more interesting - or at least have some pictures!

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  1. Er, #1 is patently false. Did they omit a key qualification, like " sprinting", or something?