Thursday, 22 March 2012

Happy Spring!

I know that we're now officially into spring, but it pretty much looks the same here in Jamaica as it has over the last 6 months.  The almond trees on the road down to the Yacht Club turned bright red and lost all their leaves, but there were new green buds waiting to unfurl as soon as the old leaves got out of their way. The red flowers that attract the doctor birds outside my patio seem a little less abundant, but the fushia bourganvalia bush on my walk is blooming as furiously as ever.

Just pictures this week - enjoy!

View from the cupola on the Kingston Yacht Clubhouse

Stepping "stones" to get to the restaurant kitchen door.

Fossils in the coral rock.

And now I'm more or less sitting on the fossils.  In Negril's west end.

Requisite sunset picture.

Corrie and Colin, friends from Toronto, are visiting for two weeks and it's been fun having adventures with them. Thanks to Corrie for showing me cool new camera settings!

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  1. Great shots! Have a fun visit with Corrie and Colin.