Saturday, 31 March 2012

Fun with Corrie and Colin

So I've just said goodbye to Corrie and Colin at the airport to board their plan to go back to Toronto. (It's apparently -2 there, what a welcome.) We've had 2 weeks of various adventures, lots of beach and pool time, and just a few rum and pineapples. The pictures are all from Corrie's camera, with the photographers of herself, Colin and occasionally me.  Enjoy and book your tickets to visit now! :)

Sunrise in Mobay from the upstairs bedroom - the adventure starts now!

The tropical scenery by the pool chez Julia's.

Friends who like to share the pool.  (Its body is 2 inches long, for perspective!)
Corrie and me in Negril - no, we weren't sharing the Redstrip, there was plenty to go around.

Zen Colin

A great location for a post-beach cup of coffee...
West End of Negril in technicolor

Yummy Jamaican food (and some french fries too)
There were just a few beverages on this adventure, and sometimes even in classy places like Coyaba's Hotel at happy hour with live jazz.

Sometimes we just drank like the locals at Dead End Beach Bar, where you can dangle your feet in the sand.

Colin and Corrie with something cold and fruity

More wildlife sightings - they mostly come small and skittery here in the tropics!

A moment of calm.
Corrie and George, who works where I live.  He is the source for much local knowledge, including how to cook a breadfruit.
The required boat ride - "Ahhh, now we understand why Julia goes on and on about sailing."

Captain Phil, who was so kind to take us out on the boat.

All good things must come to an end, I suppose.
Thanks for the great shots, Corrie and Colin.  Come back soon!

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