Saturday, 17 December 2011

Stiches and salt water

Life is moving on here in Jamaica.  Much of the newness has worn off - I feel like I've been here for ages, even though it has barely been four months.  My life is falling into a more predictable pattern, with work, having general fun with neighbours, sailors, volunteers and others.  I apologize for leaving all of you out of it - I promise to get back into sharing on the blog more regularly.

Last weekend was spent in the full enjoyment of my newest hobby - sailing! I participated in the MBYC J22 Jamin' International Regatta 2011.  I was crew on "Defender" with Jim Wilson at the helm, and we had lots of fun. Memorable moments include: winning one race against all expectations (we sailed 8 races over 2 days), flying the spinnaker without any major hitches, and sailing back to the yacht club with a glorious sunset on Friday evening after almost 8 (!) hours on the water.

Read the official race report. 
Be sure to notice Defender's rank in race #7!

Check out these great shots of the boats on the water.
It was even more spectacular to be out in the middle of all of the boats. Okay, sometimes we were in the middle, but you also have a really great view from the back ;)

Party shots which include photographic evidence I was there.
The prize giving party was hosted by Lynn and Bryan at their house, which is high on the hills outside Montego Bay. There was much food, drink and general hilarity, as you can see.

Despite a fundamental incompatibility with boats and salt water, I've also been knitting up a storm (okay, just a lot of socks).  Here are some pictures of my finished projects:

"Spring forward" pattern

"Kalajoki" pattern - based on a river in Iceland.

Now I've got to finish my Christmas shopping - everyone is getting rasta hats with fake dredlocks this year - and clean up for house guests.  Several volunteers are meeting friends and family who arrive at the Montego Bay airport so are coming up for a night or two this week, plus my own parents arrive in a week. No dirty corners allowed!


  1. Yay socks and sailing!! I like the "spring forward" patter a lot, very cool!! :) One week and M&D will be at my place, a week and a day, they'll be at yours! I'm excited - you?

  2. Hey! I'm learning to knit socks as well. I am very much enjoying it. I too like the spring forward pattern. Is it difficult? Maybe you would be willing to share? Have a great Christmas and enjoy your holidays with your folks. Love from your favorite Alaskan Aunt!

  3. Actually I really like both patterns... I've been catching up on your past are having quite the adventures. Thanks for sharing them. And your photos are fantastic! Take care..we do think of you often...

  4. @ Erika, yes, I'm getting very excited to have M&D!

    @ Besty, I love knitting socks so I'm glad you're enjoying it. I got the patterns from It is a great knitting website and free to sign up - check it out.

    Just to be clear, I can't take any credit for the photos in the links. I believe they are all done with Jackie Hamilton's camera (one of the sailors) but I'm not sure who actually took them since she is on a boat featured in many of them!

  5. Julia, what awesome socks! If I could knit that well, I'd definitely make myself a couple of pairs just like the ones you posted.

  6. A shame to put those beautiful socks inside shoes and under pant legs! They are very pretty. See you the day after tomorrow, wow!