Monday, 14 November 2011

Fun in the sun

Just came back from a lovely weekend in Negril.  Kim, another CUSO volunteer, came to stay at my place for Thursday night with her daughter Samar.  Kim's friend Lauren flew in from Ottawa on Friday, and we all drove up to Negril to stay for the weekend.  (Well, I drove, but we all sang along in the car.) It was great fun. Lauren helped Kim and I remember how nice it is to be in Jamaica this time of year, as it is getting colder in Canada.  She was impressed by the scenery, plants, lizards, food, and all of the other things I, the seasoned volunteer, have started to take for granted. And Samar kept us all going with endless energy and giggles as only an eight year old can.

We didn't do too much, mostly sat on the beach in true Negril tradition. I got slightly sunburned, and Lauren turned a very light pink as she tried to catch up on the 2 months of sun that Kim and I have had. Friday night we raced to catch the sunset and just made it in time to have dinner at a very nice restaurant on the cliffs.  (For those of you with weak Jamaican geography skills, Negril is on the west-most side of the island and is therefore famous for its sunsets.)  The second night we had dinner on the beach and on our way home, as we were walking along the beach, I almost stepped on a crab the size of a dinner plate scuttling across the sand. Fortunately for both me and the crab, Lauren saw it and shrieked a warning.

Signing off with sand in strange places...

Lauren and Samar at my place on Friday. Samar must have cannonballed into the pool at least 25 times.

L-R, Kim, Samar, Lauren

Charlie said hello to us and was very interested in tasting Lauren's finger. We headed the sign, however, and kept just out of reach.

On Saturday night we had our dinner in the top level of this structure on the beach.

The required sunset picture.  You all must be tired of seeing these ones by now!

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  1. Sounds amazing! Glad you are getting some fun in too!