Sunday, 23 October 2011

Rain, thunder and lightning

Not my picture, but you get the idea - the spinnaker is the striped sail.
On Friday night, I was sitting at home, finishing knitting my sock (one down, one and 4 more pairs to go) and I hear a tiny "pop" like a light bulb breaking and then a giant "kaboom" of thunder.  Then 3 minutes later, the same thing happened.  I was too curious about what had actually happened to be scared!  It was raining at the time, so there was no danger of fire.  My neighbour texted me to ask if I was ok.  She had been sleeping and that was a rude awakening...

Turns out, the lightning hit the pole with the internet recevier and blew it up. So the internet is down again.  It was down last week in the whole region, I guess, so despite wanting to have internet at home since I moved in at the beginning of September, I've had 5 whole days of successful online access at home.  Here's hoping the track record improves.

Today I am writing you from the Yacht Club, which has wi-fi.  This morning I went sailing and we raced.  We flew spinnakers, which are big sails that you use to go downwind.

I even got to "fly" the spinnaker, which means holding one end of the line (rope) and easing or tightening it depending on the wind.  It is kind of like flying a giant kite, except you are attached to it.  Very cool! We got rained on twice, but fortunately, I've figured out to wear my bathing suit underneath my shirt and pants, so it isn't too bad.  Plus, it's still balmy at highs of 30 Celsius with cooler evenings at 25 degrees or so.

Enjoy the fall colours for me :)


  1. yucky about the internet. Fall is beautiful but today I could see my breath outside. I never did like that.

  2. brrr, sounds chilly. Now I remember why I'm here ;)

  3. Go sock! I've been hearing about this sock's growth and development for so long - I feel like I have a vested interest in its completion. Nothing like knitting a cozy pair of socks on a balmy Jamaican day, right?

  4. The ridiculous thing is that I actually did wander around with one sock on for a couple of hours. I was testing it out, what can I say? I think that two wool socks would have been too much anyways. :)

  5. We're in storm season as well, we had a fabulous thunderstorm the other day and I took a walk around Wolseley earlier today watching the thunderheads build up (gotta love the prairies, watching the weather roll in!); hopefully, no lightening touches down for us though. :) Happy knitting!