Monday, 31 October 2011

Houseguests and sailing success

Two CUSO-VSO volunteers, Carol and Onyka came up to visit me this past week.  Onyka arrived on Tuesday to visit offices in this region for her placement, and Carol came up on Friday night just for fun.  We rented a car and drove to Negril, where we had a great day full of adventures.

Our nice little car...
ready to go!

We had lunch on the beach...

Carol on the left, Onyka on the right

Onyka rode a camel...
I was the camel trainer for the photo

We saw the cliffs of Negril from Rick's Cafe...

Onyka checking it out

All in all it was a lovely day exploring the west-most-point on the island.

On Sunday my guests left to return to Kingston and I went sailing.  It turned out to be a great sail, as I was called on to hoist the spinnaker sail all by myself and I rose to the occasion.  We lost the race, but within a respectful distance. Once again, I've found a time when it is useful to be able to reach a little further than the average person!

Happy Halloween to you all.


  1. Ha ha! Taller than the average person, smarter than the average bear!

  2. Nice Julia. Wish I was there! Glad to see your blending in.

  3. Thanks Adrienne!
    Corrie, I wish you were here too :)

  4. Hey Julia looks like you're having a super time! Om and I are in Honduras and things are pretty good so far. Could you e-mail me Carol's contact info? We did our assessment day with her!