Saturday, 10 September 2011

A routine of sorts

This has been the first full week of my 'regular' life in Montego Bay.  I have a job, I have an apartment.  I even have one new friend!  Turns out that the person who lives in the villa below me is about my age.  Her husband is in the US working, so she has lots of time to hang out with me.  She said that most everyone else in the complex was older, so she was happy to meet me.  We went shopping on Thursday night, since it was "Fashion's Night Out", a big multi-store sale, and then went for drinks on a patio with another of her friends.  (Like a good Torontonian, I'm keepin' up my patio visits, although here the patios overlook the ocean, not just the street.)

Here is a picture of the pool area at my apartment complex.  The pool is green, but the rasta man who takes care of it assured me that he is working on making it clear again.
This is the pool area - you can see it is a bit green!

If you turn 180 from the previous view, this is the view over the bay. Sunset is nice here :)

The villa you see here is in front of my villa.  Mine basically looks the same.
The place used to be a quite prestigious tennis club where people cam from all over the world to stay and play.  Now it is a bit rundown, and no one uses the tennis courts, but it still has a hotel-like feel. The neighbours that I have met seem very nice - I also have some resident lizards and I've seen several Doctor Birds, which like the flowing bush in front of my door and are very beautiful.  (Will be patient one day and try to get a picture.)

Work has been interesting but very slow this week.  As another volunteer confirmed was normal, I've spent a fair amount of time learning patience this week. In spite of that, my collagues are very hospitable and have really warmed to me. Hope all of you enjoyed first days back to school, etc.!

The front of the centre.  The stairs don't go anywhere yet - they are waiting for some more funding to build a second floor expansion

The peace wall outside the centre, where members of the community have added their views of peace.


  1. How nice. I am glad you found a friend so soon. You went shopping and Kate and I went shopping today! We may not be able to shop together anymore but at least we can shop at the same time in different locations. I feel this is good enough. lol

  2. Thanks for the photos Julia. It's nice to get an idea of your home and work surroundings. The Doctor Bird is very beautiful, glad you have them so near. Yay new friends!

  3. Looks like a beautiful spot!

  4. It is a good spot. Perfect for visitors ;)