Saturday, 24 September 2011

A month of sun

I've now been in Jamaica for over a month.  It has been a time of adjustments, and discovering what I like about Jamaica, and what drives me crazy.  Here's a short list:

- Sailing! Planning to go out again tomorrow if the weather cooperates.
- Weather: every morning it is sunny without fail, sometimes we get clouds briefly and rain in the afternoon or evening, but mornings are always nice.
- Guinep: a tasty fruit that doesn't give you much sustenance (it has a huge pit) but is fun to eat.  You break the skin and pop out the inside (it is the size of a big gumball) and suck on it until you've got all the juice and then spit out the pit.
- My coworkers at the community centre - in addition to feeding me, they've been teaching me patois, helping me out with directions and figuring out costs, and just generally showing me the ropes of Jamaica.  All that while meeting the needs of half the community who show up at the centre each day.

Don't Like:

- Transportation is a bit of a challenge.  Although I have an effective route to work, going anywhere else means figuring out the logistics of a not-so-organized public transportation system, or paying more than my budget allows on taxis, especially for travel after dark.
- Bugs: although I am currently cockroach free, the mosquitoes love munching on my calves so it looks kind of like I have some kind of pox.
- The scary statistics about the retaliatory violence patterns in Jamaica.  I recently read that the going price to carry out a gang related murder is less then $200.  Seems like a very small price for a life.

And on that cheery note, here are some recent pictures...

View of masts at the yacht club at sundown

Proof that I really am in Jamaica - I am standing on the patio and the door to my place is in front of me

Looking back at the lights of Mobay from the yacht club

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