Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Beg, Borrow and Steal

Life in Jamaica is about maximizing what you've got, and getting a little more any way you can. At work, it is customary for people to share whatever food they have with anyone around.  It means that no one has a lot, but everyone has something.  At home, it feels a bit like I am camping, since I am making do with limited kitchen wares.  For instance, I have 12 plates, but only 1 mug at this point.  I am gradually acquiring necessary things, but within limits, since I will have to leave it all when I am finished here.

During my visit to Kingston last week, I learned a lot from the other volunteers.  DRF has had a partnership with CUSO-VSO for the last 3 years, and the project total is 5 years.  The goal is to have a sustained flow of volunteers that can build organizational capacity.  This is definitely easier said than done.  It was helpful to learn from volunteers and staff what has been done in the past, what worked and what didn't, so things that didn't work aren't repeated!

I am now back in Montego Bay and am setting up meetings with the service centers in the western region. I am gathering as much information as I can about the state of the already existing youth programs. It is slow, but everyone has been very friendly once I get a hold of them.

On that note, I haven't had much luck with taking pictures or regular internet access these days, so in accordance with the blog theme, I've co-opted some photos from others.

On Sunday I was lucky enough to get to go for a sail out on the ocean on a boat that was similar to the blue boat in the picture.  It was great fun!

On Saturday, I was in Kingston and attended a great party at another volunteer's place.  Wendy, another volunteer, attended the party too and posted some pictures on her blog.

I've realized that I'm not in any of the pictures on my blog so I will work on establishing proof that I'm really here. :-)

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