Sunday, 14 August 2011

More Questions than Answers

This week I have been packing up my home, saying good-bye to friends, and finding more things to put in my not-that-big suitcase. What do I need to bring? What can you actually fit in a 5x5 storage locker? How do you say good bye to people that are really important to you?

So many questions, and I haven't even left Toronto yet! I think that 'more questions than answers' may become a running theme thoughout this trip, and that is probably a good approach for me.  We all know that if you ask my opinion I am always full of answers, some even true...

In the context of international development work, an approach that focuses more on questions than answers seems even more essential. I will be working with the Dispute Resolution Foundation focusing on their youth program. You can only imagine how many questions I have about what my new role will be!

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  1. I cannot wait to read about EVERYTHING!I have bookmarked your blog and will religiously follow you! Don't forget us!