Sunday, 21 August 2011

Homeless but so rich!

Today is my last day in Canada for a while. I have no home, most of my stuff had been stuffed away in the storage locker, except two suitcases and a backpack's worth. It has been a long week to get everything done, but I think I crammed it all in.

I feel surprisingly liberated by having pared down my life in this minimalist fashion. There is simply less to worry about, less to distract me, less to clean or haul around. (Okay, there is still a lot to haul around - the backpack is pretty full!)

The most wonderful thing about this last month or so has been to receive so much support and well wishes.  My friends and family have been phenomenal - thanks to Mom for all the work packing, Corrie and Colin and Bill and Mary Jane for hosting me (and my Mom) this last week, and for everyone else I haven't named here but who came to the goodbye parties, or sent well wishes via email or phone.  I feel truly enriched by all of your warmth and love.  I will miss you all deeply and hope that our connections will stand the test of time and space!

View from Nate's room on the 26th floor (Thanks  for the bed Nate!)
Thank you so much for the great send-off.  Next post coming from Jamaica...

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