Friday, 26 August 2011

Around Town

So Wednesday and Thursday were more training. Yesterday we visited some partner agencies in the morning, including the Dispute Resolution Foundation head office, where two CUSO volunteers are already placed. 

In the afternoon, we went on a tour of Trench Town, an 'infamous' neighbourhood because of the role it has played in the gang warfare, primarily ending 5 years ago, and 'famous' as the place where Bob Marley lived and wrote his music.
Trench Town
Sign at the Trench Town Culture Yard
Bob Marley's van
L-R Michael Brown, who joined us on the tour, me, and Erin Williams, another CUSO volunteer
Like many neighbourhoods that are rough, the violence is primarily targeted towards its residents, and the level of violence depends on who you are talking to, outsiders or insiders. The gang warfare and political parties have been closely intertwined, which lends an interesting dimension.

On another note, I met with my friend Alydia's mother who lives here in Kingston and she has put me in touch with some of her family in Montego Bay. I head up there to find a place early on Saturday morning.


  1. Wow, so interesting Jules. What are you doing with CUSO? What is your posting? Can't wait to hear more stories!

  2. Glad the first few days are going well!! Keep the blogs coming, and photos!!